What's a "clam digger"?  you ask...

Clam Diggers play a very important role in the NGHSF! 

Their monetary support and unmatched dedication to their craft exemplify our goal to unite our community of diverse cultures and ages through a treasure trove of arts & crafts and a bounty of family-friendly activities!

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Sullivan Morris Pottery

A small working studio in Cleveland, GA. Anna Taylor-Morris, and Don Morris work together in the running of the studio. Anna has been a studio production potter for over 20 years and Don fixes, repairs, and builds anything and everything that needs to be done. The studio is located on the Morris property in the foothills of NE Georgia. There is never a dull moment here at the studio and on the property. Chickens, blueberries, gardens, and a working apiary keep Anna and Don very busy throughout the year.

Joan Joppie~Fiber Artist


 Ribbon Yarn


Mark Hendry

Mountain Heritage Handcraft

"I love history & handwork; making things without machinery, as in times gone by. I like to co-create Art with Nature, honoring the Creator's work in my own"

LEARN MORE: A 4-day class where students of all levels and ages can learn how to make brooms from the ground up. From whisks to sweepers, all manners of brooms will be covered, as well as harvesting and growing techniques for the materials. Students will not only leave with several brooms, but also the know-how to continue broom making on their own! All materials will be supplied.

August 17 – August 20

Aug 17 at 12 PM to Aug 20 at 5 PM




Welcome to Pine Branch Designs, where you'll find functional and fashionable magnetic therapy jewelry for every member in the family- even your pets! 

Each piece is made using magnetic beads that are a composite of magnetite and hematite, which creates super powerful and effective magnetic hematite. 

Magnetic therapy works via this magnetic energy to stimulate the nerves, increase blood flow, and improve circulation.  This increases oxygen to the affected areas to facilitate healing by relieving a myriad of symptoms such as pain, swelling, fatigue and inflammation.

Whether you are looking for a basic everyday-design or something more glamorous, you can find it at Pine Branch Designs!                  

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John Zeigler  & 

Judy Zeigler


John and Judy Zeigler live in the mountains of Western North Carolina, surrounded by the inspiration to pursue their creative undertakings. Working together, they share creative ideas. Often, their skills are combined to create a unique piece of art. They hope you will be intrigued by the various artistic creations as you browse the galleries. 

John has worked with metal the majority of his life, fabricating everything from trailers, tanks for fire trucks, to BBQ smokers. A friend invited John to a blacksmith meeting and he has been forging ever since. 

He prefers making functional items such as, steak turners, tripod and cross bar cookers, trammels, wind chimes, dinner chimes, and candle holders, but does some custom work. John teaches classes anually at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. John demonstrates at many arts and crafts festivals to promote blacksmithing.

As a member of the Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association, John has demonstrated several times at the meetings. In Nov 2012, he demonstrated how to make and use jigs for projects. Many of these jigs are pictured in the gallery on the Alex Bealer website. John participates at the Southern Blacksmith Association Conference in Madison, GA, often working with students in the "Green Coal" classes.  

Judy has always loved working with her hands to produce unique creations. She says, 

"Gourds offer a limitless canvas to express my artistic creativity." 

Her current gourd art projects include pyrography, painting, cut-work, coiling, and basketry on the gourds. Judy's specialty is coiling with waxed linen thread to create functional and decorative pieces. The gourd art pieces are often combined with the hand-forged iron bases created by her husband and son.

Judy has been teaching closed coiling for about 11 years, often with her daughter, Jody. They have taught classes at The Gourd Gathering in Cherokee, NC for 10 years. She teaches a Gourd Weaving class at John C. Campbell Folk School and, upon request, she teaches classes in her home and at group functions. She is always amazed and thrilled by the variations in the projects and creativity of the students.

Judy's work can be seen in "Weaving on Gourds: by Marianne Barnes. Several of her tutorials have been published in the Journal of Tutorials printed each year for The Gourd Gathering.

Judy attended Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and has a B.A. degree in Art Education from the University of South Florida. She is a member of the American Gourd Society.


THERON CLORE:  Mountain photography

Great things are done when men and mountains meet.

William Blake

All Theron's photography is taken in the Tri-State Area of  Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.



 Blue Ribbon for 1st Place in Fine Arts SPRING FEST in Blairsville, GA.

1st place Award for Roads & Trails photo on display at the Cherokee County History Museum in Murphy,N.C.

Lance Zeigler: One-of-a-kind iron art!


  • The New England Blachsmiths Publication
  • "Horses Need Not Apply" by Vincent Nakovics

Lance has been blacksmithing for over 10 years. He works from home in the mountains of North Georgia. His work is exhibited at festivals in and around Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. He teaches beginner & intermediate classes at John C Campbell Folk


  • Best of Show Pine Log Arts and Crafts Festival 2016
  • Merit Award Pine Log Arts and Crafts Festival 2015
  • John C Campbell Folk School Teaching Certificate 2015
  • Merit Award Pine Log Arts and Crafts Festival 2014
  • Best of Show Pine Log Arts and Crafts Festival 2013
  • Second Place Spring Arts and Crafts Show Blairsville, GA 2013

Whether you are looking for an art piece, a functional item or even furniture, please contact us. Lance is ready to make your dreams a reality.

Blog Feature:

A lame is a double-sided blade that is used to slash the tops of bread loaves in artisan baking. A lame is used to score (also called slashing or docking) bread just before the bread is placed in the oven. 

Joy Beads, Wire and Nature

Wire art jewelry, comes from a tradition dating back thousands of years. My freestyle technique almost always depicts things I’ve seen in nature. I just think of the wire like a line of “flowing ink”. All of my wearable art begins with basic ingredients such as: wire of various gauges and shapes, files, cutting tools, and pliers. Sometimes added are gemstones, crystal and beads of various elements to enhance the design. 

Bead Weaving is off-loom. Off-loom bead weaving is a group of beadwork techniques in which seed beads are woven together into a flat fabric or a three-dimensional object such as a ball, clasp, or box. All off-loom techniques can be accomplished using a single needle and line, but some have two-needle variations. Different stitches produce pieces with distinct textures, shapes, and patterns. 

Silver Forming Precious metal clay is formed, dried and fired into any shape I choose. I finish with steps of filing and sanding to achieve the effect I desire for that particular piece. Also, depending what look I desire, it can be enameled, liquid Gold applied, other objects added (gemstones, more metal clay layers), or a patina finish created. 

Bead Stringing adding gemstones, beads or other materials to jewelry wire to form the effect desired


Lee & Terry Lipiec

We specialize in one-of-a-kind, heirloom pieces and gifts from high-quality, solid wood. We also do restoration work, recreating damaged pieces to brand new condition.

We have a complete wood shop along with countless finishing products and numerous types of unique wood in stock.

We will help you create your own specialty item - you choose the wood varieties and finish, and we'll design according to your tastes. 

Or purchase completed gifts or furniture pieces on

Buddy and Barbara Rugg